The Technology R&D Harmonisation provides to all European actors the framework and the key instruments to coordinate Space Technology at the European level by agreeing on European Space Technology Roadmaps. Harmonisation is a voluntary process, based on transparency and exchange of information. The continuous support from all participants, including Delegations, Industry, Research Institutes, etc, is key to the success of this European initiative.

SME4SPACE contributes to the European Space Technology Harmonisation process in order to gather SMEs’ inputs and contributions. 

The main objectives of the European Space Technology Harmonisation are to:

– Fill strategic gaps and minimise unnecessary duplications
– Consolidate European strategic capabilities
– Achieve a coordinated and committed European space technology policy and planning
– Contribute to continuity and coherence between technology and industrial policies.

How the Harmonisation process works

2024 Technology Topics

Cryogenics and Focal Plane CoolingComposite Materials
AOCS and GNC SystemsModel-Based for System Engineering   
Electrochemical Energy Storage
Electromagnetic Compatibilities
Technologies for Passive Millimetre and Sub-Millimetre Wave Instruments
Technologies for Fluid Mechanics
Technologies for Optical Passive Instruments – Stable & Lightweight Structures, MirrorsCubesat Propulsion

Meeting Dates

16 – 18 January 2024
Mapping Meeting
9 – 11 April 2024     
Mapping Meeting
17 – 18 June 2024
Roadmap Meeting
27 – 28 November 2024
Roadmap Meeting

How to participate

In case of interest in any of the topics addressed by European Space Technology Harmonisation, please contact SME4SPACE at

You may also contact your national delegate, if you do not know who they are, please contact SME4SPACE; the delegate will then recommend how to further proceed, e.g. by including the interested party in the national presentation.

All European space sector stakeholders can request access to the Harmonisation Document Management System (HDMS/DCCM: by sending an e-mail to providing business affiliation and position in the company, or you can contact SME4SPACE.