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  • The possibility to have your voice heard by  ESA, the EU and its executive agencies;
  • The opportunity to join a dynamic and reliable network of Space SMEs in Europe;
  • Increasing your visibility towards European stakeholders;
  • The possibility to find business opportunities and new collaborations;
  • Participation in ESA and EU Space Policy creation processes;
  • Participation in the ESA Harmonisation process;
  • The opportunity to receive valuable information in advance and in due time;

How to join us

SME4SPACE is a not-for-profit organisation of European (both ESA and EU Member States) Space SME Associations.

The general principle is that the Members of SME4SPACE are Associations representing SMEs in a particular country. A condition for the membership of SME4SPACE is that the majority of the association members are SMEs with a minimum of 5.

Some countries do not have such a dedicated SME association, and only in that case the SME4SPACE Board can accept the application of regional clusters or individual SMEs (for the European Union’s SME definition, please refer to this EU official page).
Therefore, in the statutes 2 different types of Membership are foreseen:

  • Working Member (WM) for Space Associations/Clusters;
  • Individual Company Member (ICM) for Space SMEs.

Membership of SME4SPACE is free of charge.

In order to apply as candidate member, it is necessary to fill in 2 documents:

  1. the application form for membership and
  2. the relative technical form, depending whether you are an Association/Cluster or a SME:

Please send the hard copy of these forms to the following address:

Board of Directors
Technologielaan, 9
B-3001 Leuven (Belgium)

Or a digital copy (signed in original) to

We strongly suggest to contact us at if you have any doubt in applying or you wonder whether your Organisation or SME is eligible as a Member.