SME4SPACE Statutes foresee 2 different typologies of Membership:

  • Working Member (WM) for Space Associations/Clusters;
  • Individual Company Member (ICM) for Space SMEs.

SME4SPACE presently has members in 29 different Countries (28 European Countries + Canada, as ESA long standing Collaborating State) and consists of 21 Working Members (Associations/Clusters) and 48 Individual Company Members, gathering cumulatively more than 850 SMEs active in space.

Moreover, SME4SPACE collaborates and exchange information with the German Space SMEs Working Group within DLR (AKRK).

How to become a Member

If you’re interested in becoming a member of our Association, simply follow the instructions provided on our Join Us page.

Working Members

National Associations and Regional Clusters

Individual Company Members

Space SMEs from Countries where no Working Members are part of SME4SPACE Membership (or at least there were not at the time of their application)

Map with the SME4SPACE’ Members

(in dark blue icon: Working Members, in light blue icon: Individual Company Members, in light green icon: Individual Company Members that are also start-ups)