Harmonisation Mailinglist

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thank you for your interest in SME4SPACE.

With the following registration form you will be able to enroll to SME4SPACE generic newsletter mailing list (no more than 4 issues in a year) as well as to the specific mailing list for the ESA Harmonisation process.

As you can read from this page, SME4SPACE is yearly supporting ESA in order to gather the SMEs inputs to the Harmonisation process. To this purpose, we are collecting your interests per each Technology Domain thanks to this registration form. A full list, including Technology subdomains and Technology Group, is available following this link: ESA Technology Tree V.3.0.

You will receive communications about only the Technology Domains you have selected.

In case of doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1 On-Board Data Systems
2 Space System Software
3 Spacecraft Electrical Power
4 Spacecraft Environment & Effects
5 Space System Control
6 RF Payload and Systems
7 Electromagnetic Technologies and Techniques
8 System Design & verification
 9 Mission Operation and Ground Data systems
 10 Flight Dynamics and GNSS
 11 Space Debris
 12 Ground Station System and Networks
 13 Automation, Telepresence & Robotics
14 Life & Physical Sciences
 15 Mechanisms & Tribology
 16 Optics
 17 Optoelectronics
 18 Aerothermodynamics
 19 Propulsion
 20 Structures & Pyrotechnics
 21 Thermal
 22 Environmental Control Life Support (ECLS) and In-Situ Resource Utilisation (ISRU)
 23 EEE Components and quality
 24 Materials & Processes
 25 Quality, Dependability and Safety
 26 Others (Big Data)
 26 Others (Formation Flying Metrology)
 26 Others (Micro and Nano Technologies)
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