Critical Space Technologies for European Strategic Non Dependence – JTF (EC, ESA, EDA)

The JTF process

The Joint Task Force (EC, ESA, and EDA) has initiated a new process to gather input from the industry regarding Critical Space Technologies for European Strategic Non-Dependence. The objective is to compile a new list of urgent actions and develop a pilot Roadmap exercise for two selected technologies, to be implemented between 2024 and 2027.

Background of the JTF

In 2019, The Commission-ESA-EDA Joint Task Force (JTF) ran a round of the non-dependence process to prepare a list of actions for Critical Space Technologies for European Non Dependence for the time-frame of 2021-2023.

A consultation of European stakeholders allowed to gather feedback from Member States, Industry and SMEs. The JTF reviewed and consolidated the collected inputs. JTF since then is working as a tool which aims to:

  • Improve the level of technical coordination and information sharing between the 3 entities, and with national representation and space industry
  • Foster institutional coordinated and complementary investments, in a programmatic and timely manner and ensure technology maturation along the TRL scale
  • Draft joint technological roadmaps/implementation plans in the areas selected by the JTF list where significant funding will be foreseen by the European Union and ESA or where effective coordination is required. In addition, with roadmaps dependencies will be reduced in an effective and timely manner.
  • Foster the development of European products that will be used by industry in European space missions.

More information on the Joint Task Force – JTF Evolution can be found here.

JTF Process and Timeline

Phase 1:

The first stage is Mapping. This step involves all European actors (COM, ESA, EDA, Research, Industry, …), to build a complete mapping of critical technologies for European Strategic Non-Dependence

Phase 2:

The next stage is the planning of the way ahead in the form of a European Non-Dependence

A first Draft European Non-Dependence List Industry (via Eurospace/SME4Space) was invited to present comments to the first Draft  European Non-Dependence List in a dedicated meeting with COM, ESA and EDA).

The updated European Non-Dependence List is then sent to the MS Delegations for final review and comments.

Phase 3:

The European Non-Dependence List is approved and the JTF prepares Roadmaps on selected Critical Technologies with implementation recommendations for the other Critical Technologies to be implemented in National and European Programmes. Tracking of the status of implementation will be annually performed by EC, ESA, and EDA.