Call to Action: EU Space Partnership

The co-programmed partnership for space will start in the second half of 2023. Through this partnership, the SME4SPACE members have a unique opportunity to define the topics of the next calls of Horizon Europe. SME4SPACE is looking for contributors to elaborate the work programmes, to define roadmaps and to provide inputs in the domains covered by the space partnership.

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What is the SPACE Partnership

The space partnership entitled ‘Globally Competitive Space Systems’ gives SMEs the opportunity to discuss with the European Commission the priorities of Horizon Europe in 2025-2027. Through dialogue, working groups and road mapping activities, our members will be able to determine the topics for inclusion in the next calls of Horizon Europe for the domains covered by the partnership. Thanks to the space partnership, SMEs will contribute to the programming of the EU for the next years and this as of the second half of 2023.

Scope of the space partnership : The upstream space sector

We are looking for contributors and members that want to express their views and provide inputs in the following domains:

  1. Foster competitiveness of end-to-end systems and associated services
    • Telecommunication systems
    • Earth Observation
    • Ground Segment aspects
    • Data Chain aspects
  2. New industrial processes and product tools
    • Digitalisation and automation
    • MAIT at larger-scale
    • Lean qualification processes
  3. Innovation for launchers competitiveness targeting initial operational capabilities by 2030
    • Smart technologies (higher autonomy, in-flight configurability, modular wireless avionics with smart sensors)
  4. Fostering and enabling new commercial space transportation solutions
    • New space transportation services & concepts
    • Technologies to improve versatility, cost reduction & flexibility
    • New services requiring re-entry
    • Standardisation of services and actions promoting the use of COTS components

A full description of the SRIA and the above-mentioned chapters, can be found on the website of the European Commission.

Working Groups will start in the autumn of 2023. The deadline for sending the contributions to the Work Programme 2025 to the European Commission is set at 15 March 2024.

Updates On Horizon Europe’s Space R&I Partnership

To get informed about the status of the SPACE Partnership, please follow the link here.