CHEOPS Medium Power

ABOUT CHEOPS Medium Power project

CHEOPS Medium Power is a H2020 European project that focuses on the design of different elements of the system of Hall Effect Thruster (HET) of Medium Energy Electric Propulsion. In preparation of future missions of telecommunication satellites in geostationary or medium earth orbit, either to replace obsolete networks or introduce new on-board technological advances, Europe must be able to offer to its European satellite industry a competitively priced and highly reliable European dual mode thruster able to provide sufficient power to perform both electric orbit raising (5-7kW discharge) and station keeping (3kW discharge) duties. Based on activities started in CHEOPS and the promising results obtained, it is proposed to continue to develop the sub-systems in order to be able arrive at a TRL6/7 flight readiness status by the end of the project. The overall concept of CHEOPS MEDIUM POWER is the continuation of CHEOPS Phase 1 activities to mature technologies in order to achieve a TRL6/7 at system level of Electric Propulsion System (EPS).