Digitalisation for commercial space solutions: a joint proposal for the Horizon Europe work programme 2025-2027

The SPACE AISBL (composed of SME4SPACE, Eurospace, ESRE, EASTRO and EASN) is thrilled to announce that after months working with supply chain stakeholders on the identification of key challenges for the European space competitiveness, a preliminary plan for the Globally Competitive Space Systems Co-Programmed European Partnership is being released.

The proposal prepared by the five associations for implementation in Horizon Europe is composed of:

  • A framing document, that presents the rationale, objectives and development goals to be achieved within the 2025-2027 timeframe
  • A recommendation to apply the specific objectives to the work programme of 2025

We invite our Members to take stock of these proposals.

The process is now in the hands of the European Commission and the Horizon Europe Programme Committee. We are confident that the proposals will be considered for the elaboration of the 2025 Horizon Europe Work Programme.

We thank our Members for their fruitful collaboration