ESA Calls for Proposals on end-to-end solutions contributing IRIS2

At SME4SPACE we are glad to share with you the following opportunities that in our view are one of the first results of our efforts of the last months in asking both ESA and the European Commission to be compliant with the IRIS2 regulation and to foresee and issue this type of calls.

Indeed, these calls are aimed at supporting generic efforts of industry to develop and deploy satcom solutions providing their own end-to-end solutions, which could in particular become important contributors to the IRIS2 light-gov services.

Calls for Proposals

 In the frame of the ESA’s ARTES 4.0 Strategic Programme Line 4S (Space Systems for Safety and Security), two Calls for Proposals have been issued on:

  • System Studies on end-to-end satcom solutions: Support to private initiatives for system studies aimed at consolidating end-to-end satellite communications missions and system concepts aimed at serving applications with security, safety and/or sovereignty requirements, and preparing the following development and deployment steps;
  • Technologies and products for secure and resilient satellite communications: support to private initiative for initiating early development of technologies and products critical for the development of infrastructures providing satellite communication services for applications with safety, security and/or sovereignty requirements. Any development in the areas of ground, space, system are considered.

More information on the calls and the application procedure are available on ESA-ARTES website: Funding Opportunity: Support to Private Initiatives for End-to-End Satcom Solutions with Security, Safety and/or Sovereignty Requirements | ESA CSC

Webinar for Industry

In addition, ESA is organising a Webinar for Industry on Tuesday 19 March 2024, from 11:00 to 12:00 (CET) on Support Private Initiatives for End-to-End Satcom Solutions with Security, Safety and/or Sovereignty Requirements.