ESA SME FORUM 2024 – Preparatory Meeting


The SME Forum is an annual consultation process organised by the ESA SME Office with the support of SME4SPACE, where Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) and their associations are invited to share their views and provide feedback about topics which affect their work with ESA and in the space sector in general.

In 2024, the SME Forum will take place in the frame of the SME + Midcap Days on 8-9 April 2024 at ESA Headquarters in Paris (a separate registration at a later point in time will be required to attend this on-site event). Consolidated comments and reactions provided during the SME Forum will feed into the next ESA High Level Forum as well as future considerations about the activities and policies of the Agency.


A. PREPARATORY MEETING(s): In this phase space SMEs are invited to express at a high level, the topics/ issues of their interest. These topics are gathered from the Agency and will feed the agenda of the ESA SME FORUM that will follow.

B. SME FORUM: In this phase, there are presentations of ESA and SME4SPACE regarding important ongoing programs related to the industry, and then based on the issues brought up by the SMEs in the preparatory meeting, a fruitful, in-detail discussion is made between the Agency and the companies or/ their representing associations.

Every year important outcomes are extracted from this milestone consultation process, that benefits the European space companies and ecosystem.


The preparatory meetings are held to:

  • have an open discussion and collect views of the community which can be brought to the SME Forum;
  • identify pressing issues and areas of concern for SMEs;
  • collect inputs which could help shape the SME Forum agenda;
  • provide an opportunity to those who cannot attend the on-site event in Paris to share their views and provide feedback.


ESA Introduction

  • SME4Space opening remarks
  • Topic 1: Challenges for industry in the space market: external factors
  • Topic 2: Working with ESA: challenges, needs and evolution
  • Other issues to be brought to the attention of the Agency
  • AOB

More information on how to participate and register can be found at ESA’s website here.