Register for the European SpaceTech Transfer Forum 2019 – Warsaw 25th April 2019

SME4SPACE supports the organisation of the European Space Tech Transfer Forum (ESTTF) 2019 that will take place on April 25th, 2019 in Warsaw (Centre for Advanced Materials and Technologies CEZAMAT, 19 Poleczki Street).

ESTTF is an international event dedicated to space technologies transfer in both aspects – inside and outside the industry. Thanks to cooperation with our partners: ESA, European GNSS Agency, national space agencies, PRIME companies, space sector SMEs from all over Europe as well as large industrial companies from other industry sectors, we have prepared a program with a high substantive value, that allows technology transfer issues to be analysed on many levels.  

ESTTF is not only a conference, it is also:

  • a review of innovative solutions presented by ESA Technology Broker Network;
  • ARP Innovation Pitch 4Space – a pitching session that presents the solutions that were created in the space sector and adapted to other industries;
  • Expert consultations in the field of legal, patent, business and technology;
  • B2B meeting session;

Our Chairman, Hans Bracquené, will participate and give an introduction speech to the Technology Transfer – SMEs’ perspective session.   More information and registration is available at the following link:

ESTTF programme