Harmonisation Workplan 2019 Approved by ESA IPC

ESA IPC has approved the Harmonisation Workplan 2019.

Download the full workplan for 2019 with also the list of technologies earmarked for 2020 and 2021.

The Technical Dossiers to be harmonised in 2019 cycles are the following:

1st cycle 2019
Competence Domain Title Revisit New
CD07 Chemical Propulsion – Micropropulsion 2011
CD02 Composite Materials 2014
CD02, CD05 Cryogenics and Focal Plane Cooling 2013
CD04 Electrochemical Energy Storage 2014
CD04 Power Management and Distribution 2013
2nd cycle 2019
Competence Domain Title Revisit New
CD03, CD08, CD09 Big Data From Space 2017
CD7 Fluid mechanics and Aerothermodynamic Tools 2012
CD3 On-Board Radio Navigation Receivers 2013
CD5 Technologies for Optical Passive Instruments – Mirrors 2013
CD05, CD02 Technologies for Optical Passive Instruments – Stable & Lightweight Structures 2013


SMEs interested in participating in the Harmonisation process for one or more of the above-mentioned technologies  can subscribe our dedicated mailinig list selecting the interested Technical Dossier(s) and contact SME4SPACE in order to receive further information.

2019 Meeting dates
Cycle 1 Cycle 2
5-7 February 2019 Mapping Meeting 16-18 April 2019 Mapping Meeting