Insights on SME4SPACE start-up Working Group I April 2023

SME4SPACE recently organised a start-up working group, with the aim of bringing together industry experts, entrepreneurs, and the YEESS Association to discuss the key challenges faced by start-ups and SMEs in the space sector.

Hans BracquenĂ©, SME4SPACE Chairman, covered a wide range of relevant topics, with a particular emphasis on matters of interest to start-ups. The meeting also included a presentation of the “European Space SMEs’ Financial Viability: Insights And Policy Perspectives” study, conducted with the support of the ESA SME Office, which highlighted the financial challenges faced by European space SMEs.

The working group workshop featured participants from various countries and fields of expertise, reflecting the diversity of the European space sector.

To learn more about the insights and topics of discussion by the working group, access the presentation by clicking the button below: