SME4SPACE, AKRK, ESA Space Tech Expo Panel: The SME Voice

The Hard Road to the Stars: Challenges and Opportunities for SMEs in the European Space Business

On Thursday, 21st November (13:00 – 14:00 CET) European SMEs (both start-ups and established SMEs) are invited to listen to a panel session organised by SME4SPACE (the European Panel of Space SME Associations), AKRK  (German Space SME) and ESA (SME Office). SMEs on the panel will present: lessons learnt regarding experiences in the space business, incurred difficulties in acting or entering the space market (ESA/national/global), recommendations and expectations to improve a company’s sustainable involvement in space missions as well as individual experiences in developing products/services, highlighting key success factors (both internal and external).


Moderator     Hans Bracquené, SME4SPACE Chairman

13:00       European SMEs in ESA Activities: a Status Report
Jens Kauffmann, Head of ESA SME Office

13:10       German SME-policy from the Point-of-View of AKRK
Ernst K. Pfeiffer, Spokesman AKRK

13:20       Lessons learnt from European Space SMEs

                Alexander Reissner – CEO of Enpulsion (AT)

                Jesus Marcos – R&D Director at Caelestia Technologies Group (NL)

Walter Ballheimer, CEO, German Orbital Systems (DE)

13:50       Conclusion

                 Hans Bracquené, SME4SPACE Chairman

Download the Agenda in pdf