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SME4SPACE is a not for profit organisation registered in Leuven under the Belgian Law. The aim of SME4SPACE is to voice SMEs in the space sector viewpoint in a coordinated way and to facilitate their access to space activities, to ESA and particular EU programmes.


All the activities carry out by SME4SPACE aim at:


Defending SMEs interests and representing them towards the European Space Agency (ESA), the European Commission and its related agencies.


Emphasising the potential of the space SMEs in the supply chain and beyond and supporting Europe’s industrial policy.


Fostering cooperation within our extended network of our members, large companies, research and academia.


Organising seminars and information sessions.


Do you want to be informed about opportunities for Space SMEs, participate in our surveys and participate in defining the European Space technology Roadmaps?

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SME4SPACE presently consists of 22 Working Members (Associations or Clusters) and 35 Individual Company Members from 27 different European Countries.

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SME4SPACE is currently carrying out different projects with ESA and within EU H2020 Framework Programme. SME4SPACE has gained a good esperience especially as dissemination partner and being able to reach a large network of Space Companies all around Europe.

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News and useful information

SME4SPACE is recognised as representative of SMEs in the European space sector. SME4SPACE is in direct contact with ESA and European Commission. Thus, SME4SPACE is a primary source of news and useful information. Moreover, SME4SPACE is often consulted in order to provide its point of view.

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