On 24 and 25 November 2022, ESA is organising a two-day training course about Product Assurance (PA) at ESA/ESTEC (Noordwijk, The Netherlands). Please note that this is an on-site-only course, thus remote participation is not possible. Participation is free of charge, however, travel, meal and accommodation costs will not be […]

Presentation of SME4SPACE & KU Leuven study on European Space SMEs financial viability – IAC Paris I September 2022

Presentation of SME4SPACE & KU Leuven study on European Space SMEs financial viability – IAC 2022 in Paris On September 21, during the 4th day of the International Astronautical Congress IAC 2022 in Paris, Prof. Marleen Willekens from KU Leuven and Hans Bracquené, SME4SPACE Chairman, presented the outcome of the […]

Snapshots of SME4SPACE anniversary seminar at ESA Industry Space Days 2022

“11 years of supporting SMEs in Europe’s space industry” Last week, SME4SPACE celebrated its 11th anniversary of incorporation with a great seminar, centred on our SMEs and the space industry community. The session was moderated by SME4SPACE Chairman, Hans Bracquené, and took place in Noordwijk during ESA’s Industry Space Days (ISD) 2022. We […]

ESA & SME4SPACE: contribute to the definition of a Cubesat propulsion Handbook

We are delighted to announce that SME4SPACE has joined forces with ESA, to produce a Handbook with Engineering Guidelines for CubeSat propulsion in consultation with European Industry, Research Institutes and Organisation involved in the technology and main users of the technology. For this reason, SME4SPACE calls all the interested stakeholders […]

First results of the SME4SPACE survey on the implications of the war in Ukraine on SMEs of the European Space sector I May 2021

MORE THAN 50% OF THE SMEs WORKING IN SPACE ARE CONFRONTED WITH THE EFFECTS OF UKRAINIAN WAR SME4SPACE has the first batch of responses of the ‘’Consequences of the geopolitical situation to Space SMEs’’ and we are starting to extract some interesting findings. First results indicate, with no surprise, that […]


The recent conflict in Ukraine and the ensuing sanctions disrupted the space ecosystem where the space entities are again facing a crisis. Both ESA and the European Commission reached out to SME4SPACE and want to further discuss how to cope with this crisis and how to support the SMEs in […]

Electric Propulsion Innovation & Competitiveness EPIC Workshop 2022

About EPIC The “Electric Propulsion Innovation & Competitiveness” (EPIC) is the PSA project for the Electric Propulsion Strategic Research Cluster (SRC). The European Commission-funded, as part of the Horizon 2020 Space Work Programme 2014, a Programme Support Activity (PSA) for the implementation of the Strategic Research Cluster (SRC) on “In-Space […]

WEBINAR on the Legal Aspects of the Consortium Management of ESA projects I November 2021

SME4SPACE is organising a Webinar on “The Legal Aspects of the consortium Management of ESA Projects”. The Webinar will be on 15th December 2021 at 10:00 am (CET). The Webinar will be held by SME4SPACE Chairman, Hans Bracquené, who is a legal consultant with an extensive experience in legal aspects of ESA contracts and consortium management. […]

Take the Survey on space activities of SMEs in Europe| 2021

The space sector has been changing rapidly in the last decades. The arrival of new agile actors and disruptive technologies associated with the digital revolution of the economy results in a paradigm shift of its organisation. Equipped with the latest technological tools, private operators are claiming a more critical role […]

Economic importance and financial health of SMEs in the European space industry I November 2021

It is widely accepted that SMEs play an important role in the development of a sustainable European space industry. This is underlined by several stakeholders within the industry and by public authorities at the national and international levels. But when these stakeholders are developing a policy to support the crucial […]