ESA & SME4SPACE: contribute to the definition of a Cubesat propulsion Handbook

We are delighted to announce that SME4SPACE has joined forces with ESA, to produce a Handbook with Engineering Guidelines for CubeSat propulsion in consultation with European Industry, Research Institutes and Organisation involved in the technology and main users of the technology.

For this reason, SME4SPACE calls all the interested stakeholders of the European industry actively involved in the CubeSat propulsion technology to get in touch with SME4SPACE in order to participate in this joint effort. The Handbook will provide good engineering practises for requirements to be included in the propulsion system/equipment specification, design approaches, recommended analysis, inspection methods and tools, test models and qualification approaches, recommended reviews, deliverables and integration tests.


If you are an organisation based in one of the ESA Member States or Cooperating States, we encourage you to contact us and express your interest in participating in this consultation process at the following e-mail address: