ESA & SME4SPACE: contribute to the definition of a Cubesat propulsion Handbook

We are delighted to announce that SME4SPACE has joined forces with ESA, to produce a Handbook with Engineering Guidelines for CubeSat propulsion in consultation with European Industry, Research Institutes and Organisation involved in the technology and main users of the technology. For this reason, SME4SPACE calls all the interested stakeholders […]

First results of the SME4SPACE survey on the implications of the war in Ukraine on SMEs of the European Space sector I May 2021

MORE THAN 50% OF THE SMEs WORKING IN SPACE ARE CONFRONTED WITH THE EFFECTS OF UKRAINIAN WAR SME4SPACE has the first batch of responses of the ‘’Consequences of the geopolitical situation to Space SMEs’’ and we are starting to extract some interesting findings. First results indicate, with no surprise, that […]

WEBINAR on the Legal Aspects of the Consortium Management of ESA projects I November 2021

SME4SPACE is organising a Webinar on “The Legal Aspects of the consortium Management of ESA Projects”. The Webinar will be on 15th December 2021 at 10:00 am (CET). The Webinar will be held by SME4SPACE Chairman, Hans Bracquené, who is a legal consultant with an extensive experience in legal aspects of ESA contracts and consortium management. […]

Join the SME Forum “The Future of Work”

ESA and SME4SPACE are co-organising a SME Forum “The Future of Work” on 17th June 2021 from 14:00 to 16:00 CEST. The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the evolution of the way of working in the space sector, especially towards a more digital and  green industry. The skills and competences required […]

Register and Participate to webinar on Financing Space

The European Space Agency and the European Investment Bank are jointly organising a webinar on Financing Space: options for SMEs and MidCaps in Europe to be held on11th February from 2 to 4,30 pm (CET) via Webex.For more information and registration, please visit the following link:

ESA Harmonisation process: 2021 Technical Dossiers

Through SME4SPACE is possible to receive the Technical Dossiers (TD) relative to the 2021 cycles of  the ESA Harmonisation process: First cycle 2021: Technologies for Hold Down and Release Mechanisms and Deployment Mechanisms Solar Generators and Solar Cells On-Board Computers, Data Handling Systems and Microelectronics Avionics Embedded Systems Cubesat Propulsion […]

SME4SPACE Webinar on “The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) clauses of the ESA Contracts and the related sub-contracts” I November 2020

SME4SPACE has organised a Webinar on “The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) clauses of the ESA Contracts and the related sub-contracts”. The Webinar will be on 16th December 2020 at 3 pm (CET). If you want to participate, please register to this link as soon as possible, considering that the seats are […]

Register to participate in the first edition of SME Forum

Register to participate and be informed about the first edition of SME Forum, organised by SME4SPACE together with ESA SME Office at the following link: More info at the dedicated page.

SpaceUp free Webinars

SpaceUp project is organising a series of free webinars mainly focused on innovative Space SMEs, Start-ups and Scale-ups. Did you miss anyone of the following webinars? Do not worry, all the webinars are recorded and available on SpaceUp YouTube channel and hereunder. Stay tuned for the coming webinars. How technology […]

ESA Cost Rate Calculation Free Webinar

Register and participate in a free of charge online training course on “ESA Cost Rates Calculation” and learn how to calculate hourly rates and overheads in line with ESA guidelines. This training course, targeted at Financial Managers and Project Controllers of Space SMEs, will be organised as a webinar on […]