European Space Technology Harmonisation

Since 2015, SME4SPACE has been invited by ESA (as you can read in this refence letter) to take part actively in the Harmonisation process and to present the European Space SMEs viewpoint within the activities of the ESA Technology Harmonisation Advisory Group (THAG).

If you are a SME and you want to participate to this process, please fill in the following dedicated mailing list registration form, selecting the Technical Dossiers of your interest. You will receive only messages regarding the selected Technical Dossiers.

European Space Technology Harmonisation Process is designed and led by ESA to achieve better coordinated space technology R&D activities among all European actors, with the following aims:

  • fill strategic gaps and ‘minimise unnecessary duplications;
  • Consolidate European Strategic capabilities;
  • Achieve a coordinated and committed European Space Technology Policy;
  • Contribute to ensuring continuity and coherence between Technology and Industrial Policies.

The process is developed in a first mapping and a following roadmapping phase; every year 8/10 topics are foreseen to be harmonised by ESA in two cycles. SME4SPACE has the mandate to gather SMEs’ inputs and contributions on technologies to be harmonised. SME4SPACE contributes both in the phase of technologies mapping and for the definition of the technologies roadmaps within the activities of ESA Technology Harmonisation Advisory Group (THAG).

In order to have a brief overview of the Harmonisation process, please refer to the following ESA official Harmonisation Brochure.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact SME4SPACE via e-mail ( We will provide you all the needed documentation and the information to let you contribute to this activity.

If you want to participate, please subscribe our dedicated mailing list.

For the 2018 cycles, the following Technical Dossiers are to be harmonised:

First cycle 2018:

  • De-orbiting Technologies;
  • Frequency and Time Generation and Distribution (Space & Ground);
  • Photonics;
  • Position Sensors;
  • RF & Optical metrology

Second cycle 2018:

  • Chemical Propulsion – Components
  • Coatings
  • Deployable Booms & Inflatable Structures
  • Life Support Technologies
  • System Modelling and Simulation tools
2018 Meeting dates
1st Cycle2018 (1C2018) 2nd Cycle 2018 (2C2018)
17-18 January 2018 SME4SPACE Mapping Meetings preparation teleconferences (one for each Technical Dossier) 20-21 March 2018 SME4SPACE Mapping Meetings preparation teleconferences  (one for each Technical Dossier)
6-8 February 2018 Mapping Meetings (ESA-ESTEC) 10-12 April 2018 Mapping Meetings (ESA-ESTEC)
29 June 2018 ESA/Eurospace/SME4SPACE Roadmap review Meetings 10-11 October 2018 (tbc) ESA/Eurospace/SME4SPACE Roadmap review Meetings