Invitation to Participate in the preparatory meeting of the ESA SME Forum 2023

ESA and SME4SPACE invite all SMEs involved in the space sector to participate in the first preparatory meeting of the ESA SME Forum for 2023. The event is scheduled for Monday, 27th March from 15:00 – 17:00 CEST.

The ESA SME Forum is an annual consultation process where ESA engages with SMEs to gather their feedback and views on important issues that impact their work in the space sector.

As an SME, your participation in this event will help shape future policies and activities of the Agency. The consolidated feedback from the event will feed ESA’s High-Level Forum and will be used to inform future considerations about the activities and policies of the Agency related to the SME Community.

To participate in this event, please register below before the 24th of March 2023. Please note that participation in this event is subject to approval.

Registered participants will receive invitations to the on-site ESA SME + Midcap Days 2023 that will take place on April 2023 as well as to the preparatory online meeting(s).

Agenda of the 1st preparatory meeting of ESA SME Forum 2023:

  • ESA Introduction (events and actions since the last SME Forum)
  • SME4Space opening remarks.
  • Topic 1: Challenges for industry in the space market: impacts of the geopolitical situation and external factors (supply chain issues and inflation, scarcity of materials and components, maintaining competitiveness, workforce, etc)
  • Topic 2: Working with ESA: challenges, needs and evolution (Procurement, Contract Execution, NewSpace, Commercialisation, Transformation)
  • Other issues to be brought to the attention of the Agency.
  • AOB

If you have any questions, please contact us at