SME4SPACE COVID-19 Follow-on survey results I May 2020

Following our previous rapid survey on the urgent actions to be proposed and the actual situation due to the spread of COVD-19.

SME4SPACE is conducting this follow-on survey to assess the current situation and the impact of the actions put in place by ESA and European Commission to support European Space Industry (SMEs in particular).

The results of this survey have been shared with European Institutions (both ESA and European Commission), as it was for the results of the previous survey.

In total we received 120 responses and we have made a presentation thereof which I attach to this letter.

The main results could be summarised as follows:

  • Only a very limited number of SMEs can continue its activities unaltered, teleworking is indeed widely used.
  • Existing and already highlighted problems from our previous survey remain (cash, supply chain and labour force), but anxiety over the future emerges as the new main issues (continuity in public programmes, orders);
  • Companies would like to be reassured by European Institutions (EC, ESA, etc.), possibly with new and ambitious programmes and activities and with statements confirming their long-term commitment to space programmes;
  • Lay-offs become a big risk;
  • Measures taken are well known and widely used.

Download the full presentation with the results of our COVID-19 follow on survey

Link to SME4SPACE COVID-19 follow on survey